How much difference in size when it comes to waist trainers?

As you all know! Fajas/Waist Trainers (FWT) can be a pain when choosing a size! To some it's new to them while to others, they live in their FWT! All FWT are made for the mid to advance gal that knows the strength/compression of which one she needs. If you are a newbie, this blog will come in handy!

All FWT will come in super stiff and without much flexibility. That is where a lot of people get discourage and give up on trying to put on the FWT. We don't suck in our tummy's every Min. nor every hour of the day! So when we trying to put on a FWT or when we finally have it on, it can come to one as a surprise that they don't like the feeling of it and that it is to tight. If you never worn a FWT, it is highly recommend that you size up a size. And even that, you might think it still does not fit you! Why, because when we think of FWT, we think of undergarments/under wear/bras/etc. Those to us are comfy on us. So, when we want a bit of help to mold our bodies/waist we need that compression to hold in the molding process. That is when we struggle to get the FWT on and get use to the compression.

I had a gal that I recommend her a size XL (when she should of gotten a size L) she tried on the XL and sent me a message stating that she needed a 3XL. She mention that there was a solid 4 inchs of a gap (from one hook to the other side of the little hooks). The thing is, it will be a mini workout to hook each little hook and zip it up. You can get it hooked, will your fingers/arms get a workout? YES! But trust me when I say that after wearing the FWT for about 2 weeks, it will stretch to about 1/2 to sometimes a full inch! That will give you wiggle room and the FWT will be a bit easier to put on. Also, remember why you purchase the FWT. FOR COMPRESSION and compression (especially if your new to using FWT) is something we are not use to. Let alone 8 hours a day! 

All my fajas are 3/4 of an inch difference in sizes (almost reaching an inch) So that can give you an idea when choosing a size. Remember, all FWT can stretch from 1/2 to up an inch after continuing usage and each size is 3/4 of an inch difference. Hope this helps you girls! 

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